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'Micrawave' BBQ Project

'Micrawave' BBQ Project

Ok guys for u that dont know about it, or who havent worked it out for themselves, we are turning the rear end of my stripped k11 into a bbq as a project in the north east to help everyone get closer together and have some fun and help gain some modifying experience

The car is already stripped, and the first cuts have been made, the car is currently in half and awaiting the start of the modification stages

Ive noted a few of the plans below, so you can see what is hopefully planned to happen.

Here is the plan - BBQ - Turn the rear end into a bbq, keeping all origional kit and using normal rear lights for the braking and everyday driving, then just modify the inside for the grill and heatproofing and a trough for the coal to be stored, visually the car from the rear will look like a usual modified micra til u get round the side and see its only half a car.

Plans at the moment include:

* 17's (all two of them lol)
* No suspension so sits right under the arch
* smoothed in rear splitter
* sideskirts
* full respray
* New rear lights, std or possible conversion
* Smoothed boot
* welded up rear side windows
* undercar neons
* smoothed rear bumper with twin exhaust pipes
* trailer/caravan towning hitch to be able to transport
* shopping trolley to be used as the grille
* some nice alluminium or similar material to bling up and keep the insides clean.

Well there it is at the moment. Big thanks to wayne, titch, chie, dr_zoidberg, paynee for their help and Danni, Jess and Rachel for their help conforming to our catering needs ;o) also thankyou to others who know who they are for there involvement in the project already. The 'micrawave' should be in attendance at Jae.

Here is a picture of the car before this project started

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